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Chicken farm equipemnts

Poultry cage, or chicken layer cage is the featuring products and service of CLIMA. We've successfully promoted our poultry cage, chicken layer cage as well as other poultry-related products into many regions around the world. Our chicken layer cage is made from anti-corrossive material with long durability. The chicken cage can be made with 3-5 layers with automatical feed feeder, and the category of our poultry cage includes A type poultry cage and H type poultry cage. It's an ideal choice for the owner of chicken plants all over the world.

poultry cage, chicken layer cage

Our poultry layer cage can alos be used for various kinds of poultry, such as chicken, duck, goose and pigeon. Besides chicken layer cage, CLIMA also provide machinery and production line such as chicken incubator, pellet feed Briquetting machine , poultry slaughtering line , etc.

CLIMA chicken layer cage is the ideal choice for entrepreneur who wants to establish a chicken, or other poultry farm, and for the farm owners who want their previous layer cages renewed. We will be glad to offer products as well as services according to your requirements.

Our advantages

  • A Company You Can Trust
  • Advanced Technology From Europe And China
  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic poultry cage For You Needs
  • Technical Supports For poultry keeping and improving
  • Excellent Farm design and build experience