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H type cage

H type cage

H type cage


H type poultry cage

H type chicken layer cage is designed by advanced technology in China, we've successfully promoted our H type chicken cage, as well as other poultry-related products into many regions around the world. Our automatic H type chicken cage is made from high anti-corrosive material, such as hot galvanized steel or stainless steel, which give a guarantee in long durability. The cage can be set with 3-7 layers or more, with an automatical feeding system, ventilation system, watering system, waste cleaning system... Other features of our H type chicken cage include: high stock density, smooth hopper trolley movement and smooth feed distribution, easy maintenance and operation.

Equipment list of A type chicken layer cage

Equipments list
Cage system
Automatic feed supplier
Path of feed supplier
Feed trolley
Water fall type temperature cooling system
Fan (ventilation) system
Waste cleaning machine
Beak cutter/debeaking machine
Drinking Nipple

Pictures of CLIMA H type chicken cage 





Parameter of A type chicken cage 

Model Length/group Width/group Height/grounp Chicken/group Chicken/cage Layer
CLIMA-384 1200 mm 1880 mm 2420 mm 84 7 3
CLIMA-4112 1200 mm 1880 mm 3020 mm 112 7 4
CLIMA-5140 1200 mm 1880 mm 3620 mm 140 7 5
CLIMA-6168 1200 mm 1880 mm 4220 mm 168 7 6
CLIMA-7196 1200 mm 1880 mm 4820 mm 196 7 7
CLIMA-8224 1200 mm 1880 mm 6100 mm 224 7 8


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